How to Become a Witch

Stomp your toes and twist your nose.
Put on all your aunt’s old clothes.
Strike a lizard or crow pose,
Then follow where the Witcher goes.

Round the bend. Through Le Claq Lake.
Swim dreams until their dreamers wake.
Make your very best mistake
And plunge ahead before it’s fake.

The Witcher walks a wyrmy way.
If you’re to witch, you must obey.
She’ll take you where the poppies play,
You’ll want a pretty – Pick a stray.

Pop it! It’ll pop you back.
Back to never and right on track.
Beyond beyond, back to the crack
That marks No’s backward attack.

Fill it in with fearful cheer.
No must know why you are here.
And once all the can’ts are clear,
Welcome to witching, my dear.