When I told Mom I was gonna be a cowboy,
She smothered a smile and asked, “How, boy?
You’ve asthma and glasses and your best friends are books!
Your nightlight and teddies protect you from crooks!
How your mind leapt to cowboy, I’ll never know.”

With my own smile kicking, I gave it a go:
“My heart gave it a shove
And as my mind fell,
Heart leapt down from above
For friendship and, well,
Love might be the core
To maybe, just maybe, be something more.

When not shaving with cacti
I’ll have a beard full of prairie dogs,
Oh yes, I’m gonna be that guy –
Begrimed and gutsy.
New kinds of dusty.
With a desert scorching glare
And a devil scaring flare
For making the best
Of what’s not even there!
I’ll ride through the West
And on into myth!

Besides, the books and bears will come with.”


Drawn by WS