When I told Dad I was gonna be a cowgirl,
His face turned stern and he said, “Now, girl,
You’re far too smart for cows and campfires,
All set to join the bigwigs and highflyers,
So study, stand up straight and just wait.”

I paused.
Glanced at Fate.
Saw her trip in surprise
At the sight of my eyes
Then made like the sunrise
(That is, brilliantly headed west)
To meet whatever test
Might stand in the land
Of hungry sand
And jackalopes.
Offing all nopes.
Riding my hopes
Like the great stomping steed
That joined me in our agreed
Upon quest to be freed.

A 10 gallon hat for a 20 gallon head.
Tumbling along with the bumbleweeds.
A cactus pillow.  Rattle snakes for a bed.
Any critter with a hard-earned knack
For rooting out adventure’s track
Is welcome in our ragged pack.

Riding rings around myth,
I bring the wild, wild with.