My Angel

God gave me to an angel when I first came to be.
God gave me to an angel that dearly needed me.

Angel was to watch over, to guard and be a guide.
Every moment of my life she was right there by my side.

The day came I was old enough for her to show me she was there.
She stepped into right here from right out of nowhere.

She had gold in her eyes and a blue daisy crown.
Her lightning wings lit up a rumbling thunder cloud gown.

Seeing chance favored me, I laid the charm on thick.
I said, “Listen up, bud, this is gonna go quick.

“I lost my lucky dime last week and need to get it back.
I want a squid, my own moon and a fireball attack.

“I’d like a bug named after me, one that’s toothsome and bitey.
I’ll also need a tail – perhaps squirrel – something classy and mighty.”

Angel rudely interrupted, “That’s not really what I do.
Though, as it happens, your lucky dime’s in your left shoe.”

“I’m not a fairy godparent, a witch or devil dealer.
I’m more along the lines of a holy leader and healer.”

Looking up at my angel, the course of action was clear.
It didn’t take a seer to see I had to volunteer.

I offered up my lucky dime to this great beast of light.
I told her, “It’s okay now.  I’m here.  It’ll all be alright.”

My Angel

Drawn by Dennis.

My Angel 4

Illustrated by Adi.