Don’t Speak Week

Silent Sunday.
Mum on Monday.
No talk Tuesday.
Wordless Wednesday.
Just think it Thursday.
Noise free Friday.
Speechless Saturday.

This is the Don’t Speak Week.
Not an eek, no not a squeak.

How long can you go without a word to say
Before your mouth just runs away?
Most don’t make it to Monday,
Though some go out the fun way.
Oh, yes!  Some people POP!
‘Cause they can’t handle the full foul mouth stop.

If you make it long enough
To call Loud on his blustery bluff
And cut the guff, the fluff, the huff and puff,
Then you just might hear some stuff.

When all your noise is put aside,
Nowhere’s left for Truth to hide,
Listen for your oh so soft song inside.