Taking Up Dance

Taking up dance is taking a chance
On the art of moving along with the heart.
Which one to pick?  Which one’ll stick?
The best way to know is get up and go!
Try ’em all!  Yes, fly and fall!

You can bop along to any sound or song.
Hop on for the ride, swing and slide!
Waltz your way through that beauty ballet.
Cut into the tango, polka, flamenco.
Become a robot or do the fox trot.
Be as rigid or wild as you like – free style!
Boogie about as you twist and shout.
Get up and clapping!
Free your toes to tapping!
(Though I’d ban the can-can.
Rather dance with my can’ts.)

Taking up dance is taking a chance
On a heart that must find a way to its art.
Pick any one!  They’re all more than fun!
And I hope you’ll see your way to agree
To dancing this dance with me.