(Read about Itsy’s unlucky sister here.)

Itsy was born lucky,
Plenty plump and plucky,
Skipping the ugly duckling
To become a summer fairy
In the garden of the airy
Lords who blessed her very cherry
Cheeks and gifted her a lion flying
Off into the last night’s dying
Darkness where all stars were trying
To jump the dawn and join the day
So when they saw her ride their way
They made their final wild play
By leaping for her ocean eyes
Where they found much wider skies
But Zeus saw all and, cruelly wise,
Swept clean the night of all its light
And so they fell into the quite
Empty realm of wrong is right
But Father Time saw the fall
And pulled her through the outer wall
To join him in the Rainbow Hall
Where she poured through color streams
Dipping hands in living beams
Of light that split along the seams,
Loosing joy and love and hope
That filled her up beyond the scope
Of any art to help her cope
With leaving such a place of soul
‘Cause out she went by the sunshine hole,
Sliding down the slick South Pole
To find a sea beast swimming by
Who kept her warm and safe and dry
And dropped her off where the ravens tie
The hills to the sky so she picked a cloud
Growing far too silver and proud
And wore it though the rain was loud,
Which called up every flower there
To kiss her toes and braid her hair
As she walked ways unaware
Of any care for wicked things
‘Cause though they watched, they held their stings,
And even offered up their rings
To serve as soldiers to this girl
Who seemed to hold the whole wobbly world
In her hands even as it hurled
Her in and out of good and bad
But never touched on what she had
That held her close and safely clad
In thundercloud and lilies and –