A Response

“It doesn’t matter!
Nobody cares!”
I shouted aloud to none but the air.
And it echoed back the very same swear,
Adding its own snarkified flair:
“Nobody matters!
It doesn’t care!”
Continuing on with more info to share:

“It’s easy to blare
Or say a quick prayer,

But if you want your
Circle squared,

To get your here
To a better there,

Don’t ask to be,
Just be the mayor.

You need someone
To get somewhere.
And if it’s two?
Be a pair!
And if it’s three?
Be your spare!

Doing is rare,
Don’t be scared.
You’ve built yourself
A very nice snare.

Do or don’t care.
Fair or unfair.
Shout or just stare.

That’s what doesn’t matter.

Find your derring-do
For you must do and dare.”