A Thrillion Years Ago

A thrillion years ago I know
Things were not the same.
Gods, animals and plants
Played a very different game.

Trees had their branches in the stars
And roots sunk deep in warmth.
The only other life to find
Were dullest, darkest storms.

But things were greatly changed
Once gray day gave up its spark.
At night the trees awoke
And slipped off their heavy bark.

The only quest they ever chose
Was putting color in the world.
In yellows, blues and reds
Poured out the beauty that they held.

Once their power was used up
And they were shrunken to a mouse,
They returned for nourishment
To their star-kissed skin and house.

Dawn found itself all rainbowed
Just before storms went to work,
As they burned out all the color
To leave all lifeless in the murk.

Now here we are today,
How color won we’ll never know.
But I’m grateful for the hard work done
A thrillion years ago.

Illustration by a Reddit artist.

Drawn by Eva G.