What to Call a Bear

In Hindi it’s “bahloo.”
Arabic’s said as “dubb.”
Swahili is “dooboo.”
Spanish is “oso.”
And French is “ooss.”
In Korean bear is “koam.”
In Swedish it’s “beyorn.”
Russian is “meedveed.”
And Mandarin’s “shiong.”

A group of bears is called
A “sloth” or “sleuth” or “maul,”
But don’t read into that at all.

How does a bear say “bear”?
It asks you your name
And calls itself that.
Details derail, we’re mostly same.
So if you’re Matt go say “Hi, Matt.”
If you’re Heather go say “Hi, Heather.”
Don’t get caught up in clever,
You can call a bear whatever.
Words are just a fashion,
Bears know that they’re forever.

Drawn by Diegopablo Pineda.