Maps Are Traps

Maps are traps!
Head for the edge.
Leap into the gap.
Slice and dice that map into scraps.

That’s how they keep you on the trail,
Deciding if you win or fail.
“Oh! We know where you should go!”
Buddy, I want off the rails!

This paper’s not enough.
I want what ink can’t touch.
Unfoldable, unrecordable stuff.
Go off with a laugh
Into the rough riff-raff!

Mountainous valleys,
Spellbound alleys,
Hellhound houses,
Heaven’s high holds.
Hi ho!
Let’s go!

Don’t let them tell you a thing!
They run a circus of circles
And want you center ring!
Going nowhere new,
Nowhere not allowed,
Making the bored crowd
Oh so-so proud.

Cut through their dodgy, stodgy mapped mirage.
It’s the only way to find where you belong.
Bon voyage.

Maps Are Traps

Illustration by Kelwane.