Fire and Stone (Part V)

(Read Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.)


Stone Rat led Koral up through the furnace.
Cat asked Rat, “Do me a service?
I haven’t earned your trust in earnest
But you must help me in this skirmish
Or only flame will walk the surface.”

Rat ran out and hit like a blizzard.
Koral followed and quickly blistered.
Her claws went snicker-snack like scissors
And with a flicker off went Draton’s whiskers.
It coughed, dropped to all paws and quivered.

Fire rats paused, silent before the howl –
A still growl sparked a foully scowling yowl,
The spell-like yell swelled as Draton fell.
With all enthralled the brutal brawl stalled.
Draton sank with a winter sun’s chill
And fire fled back under the hill.

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