The Brutiful Badger

We know the badger
As cuddly curmudgeon,
A coot and cadger,
A fuzzy bludgeon.

It has a reputation,
As we all know,
Of grim and grumpy annihilation –
Claws with a soul.

All true
But not all.
So I made a sweet tea brew
When one came to call.

I offered him some biscuits,
I offered up a mug.
Sometimes you gotta risk it!
I went for that scrummy hug!

His affection was a spectacle,
A truly heartfelt wonder.
He chewed right through a ventricle,
But I’ve still got the other.

Sir badger was a proper prof
In how to make a chum.
He nuzzled up and nibbled off
My favorite freckled thumb.

He’s classy and old country kind,
True friendship is his calling.
He brutifully taught me love is blind
And gave a gracious mauling.

When he made to leave
I’d never felt such sorrow.
Now I’ve had him here for tea
I’ll drop in on him tomorrow.

Drawn by lauriebel.