Teaching and Preaching

Maybe I agree with you,
All you say and do.
But the moment that you tell me
What I need to do,
Well, we’re done and through.

I’m a silly billy goat
Happily hopping mountain tops,
But as soon as someone says,
“Get on, kid, hop!”
Is the moment I stop, drop,
And flip flop down till I plop
Into the ocean chop.

You do too do it.
I too do do it.

I’m guilty too!

Any group
Saying, “Join our troop,
Follow these rules
And you’ll be cool,”
Wants to make you a mule.

No, don’t! But do!
My mission
Isn’t bossing you!

I did it again!
Do we call it a sin?
Chuck me on out?
Toss me in the bin?

I should do more asking,
Less tasking.
More doing,
Less “you too”ing.

Teaching and preaching
Are often confused.
Have to keep reaching.

You don’t need this.
Can you unread this?

Drawn by CoR.