Christmas Elves

Christmas elves are builders,
Creatives, makers, healers.
They hunt out needs and wants
And work as wish fulfillers.
But they’re not wheeler-dealers,
No, not big contract sealers.
They had deep need of a leader
For their gift giving cause.
So they built Santa Clause.

They made him like they would a toy
Enjoyed by any girl or boy.
The first ingredient employed?
Their very own creative joy.
Then all the jelly that they dared,
Whole heapfuls of polar bear hair,
Plus a piece of the sun they snared.

He was a giant to behold,
They gave him to the ice to hold
And called upon the quiet cold.

Cold carried her aurora torch
Into the shining crystal church
And lit old Santa with a touch.

Since then their building has been endless,
The elves now have their partner in this
Making of a Merry Christmas.