Ocean Explorers

Few ocean explorers leave the top sea.
Klake found that turvy-topsy.
The surface is crowded!
Now you may ask, “How did
Klake find her way down?
She wasn’t just kidding around?”
Your questions are the best!
We’ll answer all before we rest.
The best kept secrets are all known,
Not by brains but by the bones.
Most captains want a ship that floats.
Klake bought a leaking boat.
She sailed it till it sank,
Rode it down to the explorer’s bank.
Mid-sea holds great charm
As the strong and able arm
Pointing straight down to the floor
Where Klake sail-sank to her aimed for shore.
She landed then again set sail,
Diving past all fish and whales,
She split the strongest of all dams,
Now sliding by great worms and clams.

She’s taken the explorer’s turn.
That’s all we’ll know till she returns.

Dream bigger than a sleeper.
There’s deep and then there’s deeper.
The bottom’s where you let it be.
The top’s the same, try and see.