Explorer Oceans

A sunk boat doesn’t leak.
Some may find that loophole weak
But the adventuresome must venture from
The well worn ways in manners smart and dumb.
The sea gives what it wants to give.
Life is perilously lived.
Carefully or carefreely tread
But all hangs on a thread.
Klake cut her line and drove her prow
Into dark that proudly vowed,
“This will get darker still.”
Klake simply smiled and duly filled
Her ship with all unknowns,
Knocking guiding stars from thrones,
Rocking crooked and the straight,
Locking Fate out of its Fate.
Ship and resolve still firm,
They broke free from feeding worms
As they cracked through and dropped
Into a valley, sailed up a mountaintop,
Then were splashing through the clouds,
Quickly crashing through the crowds
Of sunlight gathered round,
Astounded by this ship unbound
From sea and land and laws,
And flying freely on its flaws.

Before they sank into the sky
Klake had her cargo to let fly –

She let go of her unknowns,
They gladly soared off on their own,
And we’re left lucky to have more
Great unknowns to go explore.