The Rinkiks and Siv (Part III)

Universes opened up
When number five Bragoot
Said with jam on lower lip,
“We’ve an ocean underfoot.”
Siv and Kiks looked down
To have a dream come true,
They saw straight through the ground
To a tiny ocean blue.
A frozen sea now on the thaw,
A droplet full of flashing fin,
Awaking to the silver law
That all things do and do not end.
Siv grabbed some passing log-like loaves
That floated in from eastern shores,
She bound them with strips of her clothes
And handed out some waffle oars.
Bragoot slipped off, his picnic done,
The Rinkiks settled on the raft,
Feeding turtles bits of bun
So they wouldn’t eye their craft.
They ran up the Rinkik flag
(A Rinkik painted blue and white)
And as their bonny banner wagged
They named their ship The Happy Bite.