The Rinkiks and Siv (Part IV)

Few things turn splendid
Without some baked goods
And any Kik would be offended
If you refused their foods.
While they only came up to Siv’s toes
They’d fight you with a fury
That only a war god knows,
And sure, their honor may be blurry
And they will judge you as jumbled
And shout you down to their level,
But we all need to be humbled
And they are caring devils.
The Happy Bite was the rare boat
That wouldn’t have a chance to sink,
For the very thing that made it float
Paired perfect with cocoa drink.
Someone had nibbled up their raft
(Every one of them had been)
Till there was no more fore or aft
And it was time to swim again.
As they did, a squid was kicked,
Squid taught them how to fly,
Siv left her chunk with her Rinkiks,
Going back out with the tide.