The Rinkiks and Siv (Part VI)

Siv drifted with the push and pull
And pushed and pulled a little too,
Searched but never saw black holes,
Though they went through a few.
The Rinkiks noticed first
A planet rising in the east
That sucked them in with a grave thirst
And wouldn’t let them be released.
The Rinkiks and Siv settled in
For the quick, hard thump
Of them hitting the planet then
Riding out on their new clump.
They got up to go explore
Another brand new home
And found it had a fiery core
And was kindly honeycombed
So there were small volcano hills
Everywhere they bravely looked,
Each one giving scrumptious smells
As something dreamy cooked.
Once the world ended
Universes opened up,
Few things turn splendid
Like the best of bad luck.