The Rinkiks and Siv (Part V)

Like the best of bad luck
They soared with aimless grace
As band of merry schmucks
Through full and nameless space.
While Siv lost another world
The Kiks settled into theirs,
They’d been tossed, flung over, hurled,
And joyed in cutting airs,
Enjoyed that feeling where
They were a lineless kite
Without an anchor or a care –
The called Siv The Happy Flight.
And Siv was a happy one,
Dragging fingers through the stars,
Sipping comets just for fun,
Scooping moonfuls into jars.
They caught the tinkling of the twinklers,
The deep crashing nova drums,
The steady strings of boundless thinkers,
Love’s heartfelt and filling hums.
They joined the cosmic chorus,
Flinging their own cosmic rays
Back out into the dark forest
Joining in the song of praise.