The Shadow and His Light (Part I)

One shadow cast a person.
Some things work in reverse.
You could say that he was her son
In a turvy universe,
In a topsy twistiverse,
In a backwards esrevinu
Where it’s best to be foul cursed,
Yes, quite blessed to be called worst.
Now that we’ve dilly-dallied,
Yes, scooped out boshy valleys,
Let’s go join the cloudy owllies
With their view of what the light
Decides might be worth a bite
And what it won’t dare to taste,
Won’t even think to chase,
Would never put a tooth to
Or ever deign to waste
A lick of light upon the face
Of something self-erased.

Light sometimes sweetly misses
In a manner laughable.
The shadow’s name was Cissus,
And his child, Affodil.