The Shadow and His Light (Part II)

Affodil and Cissus were a pumpkin of a pair,
A jack-o’-lantern really where
One would make the other flare
Up into a gourdy grin,
Then it was the other’s turn
To light the other up within
Till all the happy loving burned
Into sparking fits that earned
A firework explosion
Resulting in erosion
Of poor lightning’s confidence,
A tough and humbling consequence
For the child of the storm.
But Aff and Cis were bright and warm
And welcomed in sad lightning swarms
To join and know the fullest glow
To be found down here below
And all the woe would turn and go
And be lost to long ago.

All stories need a reason
To be told or they’ll be tossed.
This story is a sweet one
But now we come to loss.