The Shadow and His Light (Part V)

There are no hollows in the heart
Of one who cares to care.
Affodil had found the art
Of knowing need and want and there
Had struck a deal with that which scared
Her to her bedrock bare.
She followed fear down the stairs,
To that bedrock, to her share
Of all that courage ever dared.
Deep in the dark she found a star,
Dark in the deep was not quite far
Nor lost enough to keep her barred
From a fine starshine shard.
Aff held it in her hands,
Making shadows on the walls
That played with her but not her plans
As none were hers, none at all.
Yet she finally felt nothing was missed
And then appeared her dearest Cis.

There was great celebration,
Lightning lit and shadowed all,
They joined their constellations
In welcoming sky scrawl.