The Shadow and His Light (Part IV)

There are no shadows in the dark
So Cissus did not know his spark
Had gone to ground to be found
Nowhere in the watchful bounds
Of searching eyes in seeing towns.
He only knew that she was gone
From anywhere touched by the dawn
And would give all to get her back
But nothing to despair.
So he chose a different tack,
Turning to the burning air
The shadow cried out to the fire,
“Stoke your flames up high and higher,
Wipe me out with all your ire
As I know you most desire,
Wipe out all shadow if you find
My one, my one, my only one,
This is now your time to shine,
Be the light of life, be the Sun.”

Loss will take more than you’ll give,
May this knowledge help defend –
“The End” is somewhat a fib,
It’s never been the end.