A Girl and Her Beard

A little girl grew an astounding beard,
A worldly, dark, confounding beard,
A burly, stark, yet downy beard
That swirled from ground to ears.

It took her fifty years to grow
And she was barely six!
This beard was full of realms unknown,
It was thick with tricks.
Many called it nest or home,
Sometimes even other kids
Would run through as would a comb,
Though one never did.

Every year she’d go compete
At the Beard Olympics.
Every year she’d sweep the meet
At the Beard Olympics.
She was admired by young and old,
She’d leave wrapped in a shell
Of beard and medals gold,
She wore her jungle well.

They recently found something weird,
No one was in that bearish beard!
The little girl had disappeared!
And that beard still wins every year.

Illustration by DALL-E.