Itsy and Bitsy

(Read some of Itsy’s and Bitsy’s previous (mis)adventures.)

The world gets bored busy
By its own dizzy tizzies
And might take it out on an Itsy or Bitsy
Who met once again in the muck mired middle
Of a messy and yet somehow much ‘mired riddle
Where good and bad were naught but a quibble
Branching off the truthy tree
Where noble -tsys bloomed wild and free
Into blunt buzz of a soothe-see bee
Proclaiming the future had arrived
And sucking them into its inky hive
Where they dripped down pens to bring alive
This sorry story of promising luck
But if they stayed then they’d be stuck
So th y got up and off th y snuck
Into another tricky tale
Where they might fail or fail to fail
And all the importance that entails,
Sneaking in and out and round
Some polluted plot they found
‘Bout a large three headed hound
That stood guard at secret gates
But feared the fickle fingered Fates
Who poked at any stable states
And even with his six eyeballs
That haunted hound could not see all
So our -tsys took him awol,
Through the gates, into a space
The Fates were blind and could not chase,
A knowing and yet unknown place
Where only you could trap yourself,
A bedeviling sort of awful health,
That if cured would bring a wealth
Of other gates and other ways
Into and through the mother maze
So as they went they raised with praise
The heads and hearts of all they passed
Until their running reached the last
Large wyrm hole where sat aghast
A lion with its own three heads
Who stood up straight and looked ahead
At what could be and so she fled
Into hope with hound at heels,
Leaving ‘tsys to make a deal
‘Tween things they think and fings they feel
So Itsy and our Bitsy too
Declared themselves themselves anew,
Diving in the reddish blue
Of that hungry hole and –