The Coward and Woe (Part I)

The sea bit down with a crashing frown
On the strangest shore it ever found.
Where so many things had been left to drown
In a deep tooth mark torn in the ground
A life popped up this time around.

A group of men who’d never been
Beyond their town’s enchanting end
Scooped that baby up and grinned:
“What heroes we are!  We’ve done it again!
Raise the town poet, he’s ballads to pen!”

They left her alone at the coward’s home
‘Cause a strong YES means never a no.
He opened his door, cautious and slow,
With worry aswirl in his hum-drum dome
And gave her the most beautiful name of Woe.

Mind your rights and love your wrongs.
Whatever shore you’re stranded on,
Everything belongs.

The Coward and Woe Part 1

Illustrated by Brittany