The Coward and Woe (Part V)

(Part I and Part II and Part III and Part IV)

The sea swept in with a smashing grin
To the strangest shore it ever spent
A drop of thought and then it went
And licked the coward and Woe up when
The earth split wide with wintry intent.

The sea took back Woe with coward in tow –
To leave one would be leaving the two.
Now they sail below the deepest blue
In a land lost to land long ago
That only the sunken sea beasts know.

The sea suits itself, from whimsied waves to buried roots,
The earth’s content as peaceful brute,
There’s not a thing to change about a heroic coot,
And that finely flawed father-daughter duo shoots
Through life in fearfully happy cahoots.

Mind your rights and love your wrongs.
Whatever shore you’re stranded on,
Everything belongs.