The Coward and Woe (Part IV)

(Part I and Part II and Part III)

The earth is slow but when it goes
All else will fall if it says so.
Woe was of the earth’s worst foe,
Now that it rose none could oppose,
Not coward, not Woe, not her hopeless heroes.

Once the end’s begun and won’t be won
Is quite the wrong time to become glum.
The coward and Woe watched the land undone,
With nowhere to go they could only run from,
But together they’d be, whatever might come.

The rocks gave a screech and the hills tried to reach
Past a coward, but just couldn’t catch
Them rabbiting down the final stretch
Of their town to where the lives of each
Were changed on that baby bearing beach.

Mind your rights and love your wrongs.
Whatever shore you’re stranded on,
Everything belongs.

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