The Shadow and His Light (Part III)

Aff had no shadow of her own
And the danger of a wish
Held in both her heart and bones
To know the neverending kiss
Of seemingly a second soul
Thrown from her, against the light,
Against the very myth and might
Of Sun itself, a piece of night
Awake and awhirl in day’s plain sight,
Away from the world of biting bright,
A winking wave in the sea of white.
Aff dipped into a fleeing brook
That dripped down through a crack of earth
In search of distance from the hook
Of always tempting sunny mirth.
Sun would not give into her wants
For a reason no one knew,
Perhaps a grudge it held at once
Against the dark and all it grew.

The heavy world may hold much
That we don’t know could be ours.
Aff opened it with a touch
To find a buried star.