Snails of Snargoyle Garden

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Snapolean Roller
Has two shells.  Occupies the black and white shell when feeling fancy.  Presents itself in the black and blue shell when feeling even fancier.

Small and presumptuous.  Spends most of its life sipping tea.  Will only take tea with royalty but does not do extensive background checks.  Just tell it you’re a duke or some such thing if you want to join.

Slime so sticky it can climb straight up a light fog.  Many shoes have been cemented in place by inattentive wanderers.

Shell has an unending spiral.  If followed too far in only madness will be found.

Moves too slowly to be seen by the human eye.

Big as a car.  Way faster than a snail.  Runs on gas.  Might be a car.

Shell looks like a heart-red rose.  Useful for camouflage on the rose bushes where it spends most of its time nibbling the thorns down to nubs.  If the rose you’re smelling seems unperfumed you may well have found one of these.

Silver Silna
Travel in packs, or, “snores.”  A snore of these snails can wipe out a whole backyard in a day.