Ponies of the Pocket Veld

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Shy Shinned Pony
Walks on its knees because it doesn’t want you to see its shins.  Avoids any situation where it might have to stand so don’t invite one to anything formal.  Dances are most certainly out.

High Harrumph
Can self-esteem be too high?  Yes.  The high harrumph proves this.  There’s nothing it won’t gallop over.  In fact, you should just roll yourself under its hooves so it doesn’t have to waste any energy on you.

While gallopers tend to prefer open areas so they can get up to speed quickly, the wysterkal insists on the deep, dim woods.  The slower, more carefully one has to go the better.  You miss less and there is much to miss.

While ponies are rather famous for giving rides to people, very few actually seek out such attention.  Ponies are proud.  The dishka, however, is eager to be mounted.  It lives to throw people off.  Hop on.

Holds all manner of smallish things:  pens, salamanders, paper clips, snacks, pencils, quail eggs, mushrooms.  Might be a pocket.

Wrinkle Hoofed Pony
Its broad, grooved hooves give it a good grip on sand.  As you might expect, it thrives in beach and desert environments.  It is also highly prized for arctic expeditions as its hooves have been found to be excellent over ice and snow.  Sled dogs do not care for this development but polar bears are enthusiastically for it.

Low Larrumph
The high harrumph in disguise.  Why don’t you go ahead and roll yourself around under its hooves.  Get yourself nice and trampled.  Why must you make it work for it?  Does it not deserve this honor?