Bearcats of the Bintur Wrongs

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It’s not a bear, are you out of your mind? Certainly not a cat! Never let one hear you compare them to either. No greater insult.

The bushiest tail you’ve ever seen. You will squeeze it. You will get bit. It will be worth it.

The handsomest whiskers you’ve ever seen. You will stroke them. You will get wrecked. It will not be worth it, nothing would! Control yourself.

A fine climber able to scale smoke or nothing but a stiff breeze. Sometimes climbs to the moon at night to nibble its fruits or give moon a push if lagging.

Fierce and lazy is a tough combination. Bribe with figs to learn its secrets. Enjoy a couple figs yourself, good with goat cheese and honey. We’re not so different.

Fluffy ginger cupcake paws leaving pancake paw prints. Sturdy golden baguette legs. Raspberry chocolate macaron ears. Croissant cheeks. Molasses eyes to drink you in. Is this a bakery? Why do you keep bringing up food?

The only animal with a tail to make monkeys jealous. It could be otherwise limbless and still climb with ease. Some believe it’s not their natural tail but one they build for themselves. But how? Perhaps you would lead this study?

If you do ever encounter this beast it will be both the greatest and worst fortune of your life. You will know a love unmatched by anything else. And you will never know it again. Plus it smells like popcorn.