Bees of Bubbling Babylon

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Apis Mellifera Sol
Pollinates the Sun flower. Not those wannabee sunflowers, the Sun flower. Just a touch of that honey in your tea will blind you but it’s worth it. Amusingly, sun bears don’t care for the taste but moon bears love it.

Bonnet Bee
When one has a bee in one’s bonnet, this is that bee. Their hives look remarkably like bonnets. It’s a simple mistake with dire consequences.

No, not tuberculosis – tubeeculosis. (Yes, I’m disappointed in myself too. We can’t afford puns!) No, it’s a stand in for telebeesion. (I said no punnery! Making a mockery of this institution. I will quit!) They pollinate TV antennas and satellite dishes, creating many of the programs that you enjoy every day. Mostly the channels with static. Their honey tastes tinny and will make you dizzy.

Hornswoggled Bombus
Appears six times in the title. Might bee a letter.

Bees of Bubbling Babylon

Drawn by Guitarseer whose art can be found here.

Tinker Bee
Not born with wings, so it must make them. Some go the easy route and steal wings from flies or feathers from birds. Others take up papier mache or welding to make theirs. And still others go the even more artistic route of making their wings of stained glass. As you can imagine, some wings are more effective than others, but it’s not all about flying.

Drawkcab Eeb
Their stingers are full of honey and their honeycomb is full of venom. If your drink needs a touch of sweetness, just grab one of these guys and give them a little squeeze.

Killer Bee
These are the famed bees of the land of milk and honey. But without the milk. Or the land, really. The honey of honey and honey. They’re the size of killer whales with similar markings. Come to think of it, their honey’s more salty than sweet…

Thalia Bee
They build their hive deep inside one’s head. If your mind is buzzing late at night and won’t let you fall asleep you may well bee an unwitting host. Another sign is when you do finally drift off to sleep your dreams are sticky and full of flowers.