Berries of the Long Draw Shrubs

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Abstruse Berry
Each berry of this plant seems to be an impossibly perfect sphere.  It has been studied by mathematicians and engineers all over and every one of them has left their lives behind to become traveling monks.  They call themselves the Order of the Recondites and spend the rest of their lives trying to make our world fit this perfect model of a berry.  They wander filing down mountains, filling in valleys and telling people that they just don’t get it.

Rinkleheimer Berry
Turns you into the last animal to eat a berry off its bush.  No one knows what the first berry eater became.  But who can resist?  And what will become you?

Carnassial Berry
A very toothy berry that will do its best to eat you if you’ve come to do the same to it.  A coyote’s chance is about 50/50.  How well do you do against a coyote?

Lyra Berry
As you chew you hear the berry’s swan song.  A perfect melody, sweet to tongue and ear.  Quiet triumphs.  Crashing crescendos.  A life in sound.  Then the berry is gone.  The concert is over.  You eat another.

The berries grow off the roots rather than the branches so you have to dig for your treasure.  Where pebbles come from.  Or are people just digging up pebbles?

Swong Berry
This berry is not from the shrub it’s growing on.  Will you plant it?

Orion Berry
Do not eat!  I’d like to tell you they’re poisonous or inedible, but no, I’m a berry eater of incredible honesty and integrity.  They’re just my favorite and I want them to be there if I should stroll by.  Why don’t you go try a carnassial berry?  I’m sure you’ll be fine.     

Nous Berry
A very sensible fruit (unlike some of these other drupelets).  Keep calm and berry on.

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